Don’t put it off…

I often think of my friends or family and wonder what they’re up to, or remember to tell them something.  Distance is nothing these days – all it takes is a text or a call. 

But my phone is out of reach, I’m in the middle of something and I can’t immediately do it,  and I forget.

I’m going to try and stop. Stop what I’m doing and say it immediately.  

Hi. How are you? Are you OK?  Was today a good day?  If I don’t ask, you may not have the time to tell me of your own volition.  

So here it is. I miss you and wish you were here. 

Well, not right this minute – I’ve got a cold and I’m bunged up and snotty. But I read an article I’d love to share and I watched an interview on the lost art of letter writing.  

I love letters.  I found some you wrote to me from Rhodes and they’re a wonderful glimpse into a life at a specific time.  

I’m going to try and keep up my letters to you. It’s a form of diary too I suppose. And it’s selfish too. Writing is important to me – and I’m hoping this helps me to feel closer to you and inspires my life further. Much love xx


It’s been too long…

since we last wrote. Years have flown by and places and people have changed. I have nieces and nephews and a new home.

And yet I’m still so far from you and miss you every day. 

The kiln is cooling down and I wish you were here to open it with me. 

These date back at least 20 years. I wonder if they’ve survived the firing? I found them carefully packaged in boxes full of memories. 

I know you don’t have time or head space to write at the moment,  but I’m going to try and keep it up – and when you can, drop me a line or two… Love always x