Don’t put it off…

I often think of my friends or family and wonder what they’re up to, or remember to tell them something.  Distance is nothing these days – all it takes is a text or a call. 

But my phone is out of reach, I’m in the middle of something and I can’t immediately do it,  and I forget.

I’m going to try and stop. Stop what I’m doing and say it immediately.  

Hi. How are you? Are you OK?  Was today a good day?  If I don’t ask, you may not have the time to tell me of your own volition.  

So here it is. I miss you and wish you were here. 

Well, not right this minute – I’ve got a cold and I’m bunged up and snotty. But I read an article I’d love to share and I watched an interview on the lost art of letter writing.  

I love letters.  I found some you wrote to me from Rhodes and they’re a wonderful glimpse into a life at a specific time.  

I’m going to try and keep up my letters to you. It’s a form of diary too I suppose. And it’s selfish too. Writing is important to me – and I’m hoping this helps me to feel closer to you and inspires my life further. Much love xx


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