The tale of two sisters

We grew up on a farm in South Africa, where our summer days were either spent at the stream, digging up clay and sculpting animals and figures, or busy with a needle, thread and old singer sewing machine designing clothes and making things.  These are our fondest memories of  our school holidays.
Tara Jane
My career as a ceramic artist started in 2007. After many years in the fashion and clothing industry it felt right to return to the tactile nature of clay, where my creative passion had begun. Through my work, I reflect my love of the feminine beauty of lace and fabric, in ceramics. Bringing together these passions to create something unique, timeless, and elegant. Some of my pieces incorporate lace patterns from family heirloom pieces, passed down through generations of my family. Other fabrics come from searching through forgotten corners of French antique shops, English country fayres, and flea markets in Africa. I love the delicate simplicity of porcelain, the vividness of my stoneware glazes and the earthiness of black clay.
Bonny Jean
It began with a childhood love of fabric and sewing. Old-fashioned needlework skills passed down from my mother. Afternoons spent sewing and crafting in the sun porch. Learning to sew on a Singer treadle sewing machine. Making paper, designing scrap books, Xmas decoration (I still have those), clothes, bags and allsorts. Being fascinated with paint, and paint swatches. My career began in Graphic Design, and evolved over the past 12 years into interiors, and all sorts of creative challenges. Nowadays you will find me back at the beginning – making and playing with fabrics. Recognizing somebody’s throwaway, as raw materials for someone else’s treasure. Create something of beauty and value. Crafted with an earth friendly attitude, and as little wastage as possible.
Together – making conversation.  Sharing contemplation of our creative ideas.