A very Merry Christmas

Dear Bonny Jean

I know it’s your turn for a post but I wanted to thank you for my lovely Christmas presents.


So many presents!

I love my little owl emery board and the herb scissors. I now understand why they couldn’t go in my hand luggage!


Made by Samantha Tavener

My Africa necklace made from a 1c ‘South African’ coin is so beautiful.
I haven’t taken it off since Christmas morning and it was my favourite gift.

Then I opened my big box from Phil and found this… And now I have 2 favourites!




Isn’t it beautiful? He made it for me and I absolutely love it. It’s also filled with my favourite chocolate which is quite hard to find here. I’m not sure how he kept it a secret!


Christmas morning walk around Ottery st Mary

I had a lovely few days away with Phil’s Family. We gave ‘traditional’ a slight miss this year and I made Beef Wellington which was huge and delicious.


We all chipped in and made a meal for each day so that Gill didn’t do it
all and we were very well fed!
‘Too well’ some said groaning, with no space for cheese and biscuits!


My beautiful fungus covered walking stick

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and can’t wait to hear all about it! Thank you again for spoiling us!
I miss you so much. T


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