Raw materials

My dearest Tara Jane, well done on your first commission, what exciting news! It got me thinking about all the special bits of fabric, lace and all sorts I have stashed away in my many hat boxes. Some of them are sentimental, others just to lovely to part with. Most of them waiting around with an idea in mind for a day that never comes.

SO, to celebrate the beginning of our conversations, in an inspired moment, I decided to make a thrifty something new, from some of these something olds –  good bye Mr Hoarder, hello rainy day at last!

It began with a special rather worn piece of green linen I have been hoarding for about 12 years. Then my tangle of vintage threads, including the antique silk yellow embroidery one. The iris doily has been prettily hanging on my pin board  for some time. The running stitches are becoming an obsession. The cerise – just for fun. And the words  – need no introduction.

Together, I think they make the most thrifty, lovely, useful, new tote bag, and I was feeling rather pleased with myself for making a tiny dent in my vast collection of good intention.

Until, I realized my new tote was ready just in time for a trip to Milnerton Market.  Where I promptly ignored Mr Hoarder,  lost all resistance, and filled it with more thrifty special goods…

But thats a story for another day.

x Bonny Jean


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